Redmoon Brawl

The Redmoon Brawl Returns TOMORROW May 3rd @ 7 PM EST!! 1v1 Dueling tournament still has spots open in both Pro and Legends brackets! Send an ingame mail or wsp Akiko Starfyre to sign up, and hope to see you there. Contest rules and prizes

Double Prestige Bonus March 2–5

Put on your game faces people. It's time to be a player versus other players! "Power, Prestige, and PvP!" is a limited-time bonus event that doubles the rate you earn Prestige. Which isn’t, like it may sound, indicative of your recognition among the local monocle-laden nobility—no, in WildStar Prestige is PvP currency. From March 2 at 2am PST until 11:59pm PST on March 5, you’ll earn Prestige twice as fast. You can queue for Battlegrounds starting at level 6 through the Content Finder (press the N key), or you can start an Arena team for practice or ranked matches, which begin at level 30 and 50 respectively. You can even take party in the most dangerous game of all: world PvP. Keep in mind that full social leadership options (such as the ability to invite others to social groups, like Guilds or Arena teams) require Signature status, or reaching the 1,600 Cosmic Point reward. Be sure to keep an eye on your Prestige—it caps at 12,000 points until you spend some. Visit the vendor regularly in Thayd (for Exiles) or Illium (if you're with the Dominion) to spend your Prestige regularly and wisely, and you can keep dominating the unlucky chuckleheads that made the mistake of going toe-to-toe with you. See you on the Nexus battlefield!

Residential Renovation! March 9-16

Lights, camera, action! Sara Conavius, housing designer and renovator extraordinaire, will be in town March 9 at 10am PDT/1800 CET until 10am PDT/1800 CET on March 16 to look for properties to feature in new episodes of her intergalactic hit holovision show, "Residential Renovation". The self-proclaimed Genesis Prime of Home Improvement, Sara will help you make your home really pop for the cameras in the new “Neighborhoods of Nexus” edition of her Protostar Academy Award-eligible series. Do your part to aid in the production of Sara’s broadcast by completing a series of home improvement tasks and she’ll reward you with Home Renovation Guides which you can turn in for the Torine, Osun, and Protostar décor sets—three bundles of fantastic collectibles previously offered as part of the Dungeon Chase collection. Filming for Residential Renovation will be ongoing for one week each month and feature three rotating reward sets. This is a fine opportunity for architects, landscapers, and interior designers alike to further inflate their prolific troves of decorative treasures! Anxious to get your paws on more renovation loot? Next up for the month of April is the Battle Chase collection.

Blessing of Essence Bonus March 23-26

For a limited time, Drusera is pulling favors to give all heroes of Nexus a boon in the struggle against her eternal foe. With her blessing, you’ll earn twice the Crimson, Cobalt, and Viridian Primal Essence from all sources! The Blessing of Essence event runs from March 23 at 2am PDT until 11:59pm PDT on March 26. Keep in mind that the 50% essence bonus from this event stacks with the bonuses from Signature and Signature offers a ton of other great benefits too! Primal Essence is collected by engaging in a wide variety of content, including instanced PvE, PvP, Daily Quests, Contracts, and throughout the world itself. The most lucrative way to attain Primal Essence is to use the Content Finder (default ‘N’ hotkey) and complete the objectives found in the new Bonus Rewards tab—the Blessing of Essence event makes every bonus that much more rewarding! This is the perfect opportunity to reach for the full power of the Primal Matrix!

Madame Fay Goes Medieval

Madame Fay is fixing to refresh her inventory again with all sorts of new goodies for the fortunate among you and for this round shes going medieval on her supplies.